GISD Great Start Readiness Program

Genesee Intermediate School District’s Health, Safety, and Nutrition Services staff deliver FREE (must meet eligibility requirements) high quality preschool programs to children throughout Genesee County.

Programs utilize a research-based curriculum in a supportive learning environment to assist children with the development of the skills needed to be ready for school. Parent involvement is encouraged. Expectations of the programs include entering kindergarten with emotional readiness and social competence; developing an approach to their own learning; communicating with their peers and the adults around them; and having an understanding and a body of general knowledge.

Great Start Readiness Programs are located in many school districts throughout the county, and GISD Head Start preschool programs are available to residents in the Flint, Carman-Ainsworth, and Beecher school districts.

For assistance with determining eligibility, or to learn how to enroll a child in GISD’s preschool programs, call 591-KIDS.