Casey Family Programs

1300 Dexter Ave North, Floor 3

Seattle, WA 98109-3542

Phone: (206)282-7300

Fax: (206)282-3555


Casey Family Programs is a national foundation that provides services for children, youth, and families in the child welfare system. The program aims to nurture youth in care and tot help strengthen families at risk of needing foster care. The website includes several valuable resources, including:

  • Casey Lifeskills Test

    On this website, you will find free and easy-to-use tools to help young people prepare for adulthood. The lifeskills assessments provide instant feedback. Customized learning plans provide a clear outline of next steps, and the accompanying teaching resources are available for free or at a minimal cost.

  • “It’s My Life” Publications

    The main website contains various publications for youths in transition to adulthood, including “It’s My Life: Postsecondary Education and Training”, which helps child welfare professionals and educators prepare youths academically, financially, and emotionally for postsecondary education and training success.

  • A Road Map for Learning: Improving Educational Outcomes in Foster Care
    This website contains a guide aimed at achieving successful educational outcomes for youth in foster care, with resources for parents, caregivers, teachers, and child welfare professionals. The guide focuses on K-12 students.