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Michigan Works programs
The 25 local Michigan Works! Agencies (MWAs) operate adult programs on a year-round basis. The funds allocated to the MWAs for adult programs must be used to provide core, intensive, and training services to adults. Core services include, but are not limited to, outreach, and intake, orientation to other services, initial assessment, job search, and placement assistance. Intensive services include comprehensive and specialized assessment, group counseling, and short-term pre-vocational services. Training services include on-the- job training, skill-upgrading, and occupational skills training.

The JET Program
The JET program consists of activities designed to help families move toward financial independence. It was designed to fulfill the requirements of the federal Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) law. All TANF recipients are required to participate, unless they are unable.

Need a cash grant?
DHS decides if client is approved or not for the program
Once approved the client will then go to GCCARD for orientation
Once the orientation process has been completed the client will then be able to move onto the Action Management or Human Investment and Development Corporation.

To be considered for the program a client must be pregnant or have children under the age of 18 and qualify for the services.

JET is not just about finding a job for individuals, but about helping them keep the job and permanently attached to the labor force

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JET info

Employment Services office
711 North Saginaw
Suite 300
Flint, Michigan 48503
Phone 810.233.5974
Fax 810.233.8652

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