Woodland Park Academy

Woodland Park Academy is a public school academy authorized by Central Michigan University. The school’s charter was originally issued in January 1996 and was re-authorized July 1, 2004 for a period of five years.

Woodland Park Academy serves students in Kindergarten through grade eight. Current enrollment is 434. The academy serves Grand Blanc and surrounding communities in accord with state regulations regarding enrollment of new students.

An emphasis on Fine Arts differentiates this Academy from other local public schools. Students are offered opportunities to experience the arts through music, drama, dance and art programs. Fine Arts are integrated into all K-8 curricula.

Woodland Park Academy is a Title I school, receiving additional revenues used to meet the unique needs of many students. Special education services are provided pursuant to the federal Individuals Disabilities Education Act [IDEA] and State 51(c) funds, ensuring that all students receive a free appropriate education in compliance with Section 504.

After-school activities are provided to keep children actively involved with intellectual and social activities in a safe environment.