Montrose Choice Program

The Montrose Community School District is proud to offer high school students an opportunity to earn their diploma in an alternative setting. Montrose Choice School serves Montrose and surrounding communities. Our goal is to provide uniquely tailored courses and programs that meet the academic and individual needs of each student. The alternative education team develops innovative opportunities for each student to be successful.

Montrose Choice School is a free public education program serving high school students up to the age of 20. Students who need more one-on-one assistance typically benefit from a non-traditional setting. Montrose Choice School helps students obtain a legitimate high school diploma by providing flexible schedules, smaller teacher/student ratio, and innovative and modified curricula relevant to each student’s needs and interests.

Enroll now! Seats are limited. Call 810-639-6131, ext. 8840 for enrollment information.

Montrose Choice School … an educational alternative

150 N. Saginaw Street
Montrose, Michigan 48457
Local: 810-639-6131 x8840
Flint Metro: 810-591-8840
Fax: 810-591-7289
Director: Linden Moore
Secretary: Gina Rumsey
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