Clio Alternative High School

Enrollment is open to all resident and non-resident high school students. Non-resident students will need to provide their birth certificate, up-to-date shot records, social security card, and 2 proofs of residency when registering. Register NOW!  Be in control of your educational progress! We are located at 430 N. Mill Street in the Community Education building.

It is the goal of the Clio Community High School to offer quality education to those high school students who are not successful in the traditional setting or may be down in credits for graduation. Students strive to increase basic academic skills, employability skills, community awareness, and responsibility for their own actions. Students graduating “with their class” must meet all high school core curriculum and have attained 25 credits, completed a Senior EDP project, and taken the ACT-MME.

The Clio Community High School offers a wide range of community service projects designed to encourage students to take, pride in their community. Students participate in cleaning the park, making and donating lap robes for the elderly, cleaning jugs for the Clio Candle Walk, adopting a family at Christmas, and helping out with special projects as requested by the community.

Community/Alternative Education

428 N. Mill Rd.

Clio, MI 48420

(810) 591-4804

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