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Genesee Coalition for Disconnected Youth

The Genesee Coalition for Disconnected Youth, a program of CONNECT Genesee, has as its purpose to help disconnected youth – approximately 14% of the county’s 16 to 24 year olds who have dropped out of school, without a job, with  little or no connection to family and community. Genesee Coalition for Disconnected Youth promote awareness and action steps to assist disconnected youth and their families – reconnect and reengage with school, work, and social supports. An affiliate of Resource Genesee, its work is supported by the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.


The Hidden Crisis Report created 10 Action Steps. ReMix is the outcome from action steps 5 and 9.
those steps are:

  1. Make disconnected youth a priority in Genesee County and mobilize the support of key stakeholders.
  2. Loosen the regulations around the sharing of data so that schools and youth- serving agencies and organizations can identify and respond quickly to the needs of disconnected youth and those at-risk of disconnection.
  3. Advocate for policies and practices that aid school completion and employment outcomes.
  4. View disconnected youth as a resource
  5. Design and implement an age and culturally appropriate multimedia communications campaign
    to provide disconnected youth with up to date information of available sources of help and ways to access them.
  6. Increase business engagement.
  7. Address obstacles to employment
  8. Provide additional resources to schools and programs serving the hardest-to-serve-students
  9. Create an online clearing house and resource center
  10. Provide focused assistance to youth aging out of foster care.

Design and implement an age and culturally appropriate multimedia communications campaign to provide disconnected youth with up-to-date information of available sources of help and the ways to access them: Too many disconnected youth in Genesee County are unaware of existing services, lack knowledge of where to go for help, and are confused and frustrated by program eligibility issues.
Create an online clearing house and resource center: Develop an online clearinghouse and resource center that can a) quickly assess and direct clients to appropriate resources and b) collect information on what is already being done for disconnected youth around the county and disseminate the information to local service providers.
ReMix is the result of these action steps. This will be a way for Youth, their families and agencies to access information in a quick and productive way. As well as continue to build relationships through agency collaboration.
The goal of ReMix is to work with Disconnected Youth 16-24 assisting them and their families to become re-engaged in education, employment and everything else. We do this through an interactive website, and social networking sites. The social networking will be Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIN

Speakers bureau

Coalition members will come to a requested agency to share and inform staff about the Coalitions membership and what is happening to impact Disconnected Youth in our County.


A yearly event to highlight what is happening within our community in regard to Disconnected Youth and to plan our year’s action steps. The outcome of this event is to continue to move toward action to help remove barriers that are facing our youth.

Michigan’s Children

Michigan’s Children, a Lansing-based youth advocacy organization, serves as a policy advisor to the Genesee Coalition for Disconnected Youth.

Governor’s Office:

Gov. Rick Snyder aims to stop truancy; cut welfare if children skip school

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